Boynton Primary School

From Little Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow


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At Boynton we aim to provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum. We aim to develop pupils' interest in past and present forms of human creativity, questioning their impact and message and using these as inspiration for their own creativity. Art should encourage critical thinkers who can consider how art and design has shaped our history and contributed to the culture and creativity of our nation. We believe art should be taught through a wide range of media and include experiences outside the classroom wherever possible drawing our natural environment and linking to other subjects within the curriculum wherever possible. Wherever possible we aim for pupils to gain first-hand experience with local artists and galleries. We want children to build their knowledge and skills as they progress through the school so they can bring their ideas to their intended conclusion.


Art is taught through a two year cycle as detailed in our school long-term planning and progression statement. We develop key skills and knowledge building upon these each year. We believe art should be embedded in the curriculum and links made to develop children's understanding of origins of art and inspirations for creativity. We encourage pupils to participate in local events, gallery visits, produce work for exhibition, and as a school take all opportunities offered to further pupils' art and design skills beyond the classroom environment.

Through the study of art and artists from a variety of backgrounds, historical and modern, the children are encouraged to see that anyone can be an artist and that art has many sources of inspiration. Vocabulary and children's understanding of the subject is progressive and allows children to question, think critically and to express their own responses/ emotions through a variety of media, supporting all other areas of the curriculum.



In EYFS the children have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy and created art with natural objects they collected and brought into school! 

Class 2 have looked at the artist Wassily Kandinsky and used just 5 paint colours to make all these different paintings!