Welcome to Class One             

This term our topic is: Heroes and Superheroes.


The children will be focusing on fictional heroes such as Supertato and Traction Man. They will be retelling them through story making, role-play and the use of puppets and props.

The children will be writing their own versions of hero tales and looking at characters of heroes and villains.

We will also research and find out about ‘everyday heroes’ – the people who help keep us safe, such as the police, fire-fighters and rescue teams with the RNLI. We will develop fact files and reports based on people in these roles.


Daily phonics sessions will take place to support your child in both reading and writing and we will also have regular handwriting sessions to focus on letter formation and size and develop our joined up handwriting style.


Our work in numeracy will focus on number for this term.

We will be looking at counting (Reception and Year 1), place value (Year 1 and 2) as well as adding, subtracting, sequence work and odd and even numbers. We will also focus on different number bonds.

We will find out about estimating, and comparing and measuring length. We will learn how to recognise British coins, as well as finding amounts and getting change.



This term we will focus on our human bodies, finding out what we need to survive (and thrive like a super hero!), as well as learning about our basic body parts and senses.

The children will find out about the importance for super hero humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.

We will tie in our geographical weather work and find out about seasonal changes.



This term we will be learning all about the feats of bravery and KS1 will focus on Grace Darling one of the Victorian era's most celebrated heroines. We will find out how she risked her life to rescue people left on a stranded and wrecked steamship.

In geography we will be looking at our local weather patterns and comparing these to other parts of the world. We will find out about the different seasons and how the day length varies.



We will learn about Internet Safety.

We will focus on learning about how the Word programme  works and will be creating art work relating to our Heroes theme.



We will be learning about Picasso, his life and art and will be creating portraits based on his style and the bright colours he used.

We will be designing and making super hero capes, stitching and adding on decorations.



This term we focus on dance and movement.

The children will learn how we can move our bodies and sequence different moves. We will create some superhero dance moves!

After half-term we will be practise our throwing and catching skills.



This term KS1 will focus on hip hop style for the children to learn about the differences between pulse, rhythm and pitch and to learn how to rap and enjoy it in its original form.

As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose the class will listen and appraise other old school hip hop tunes.



At the start of term we will agree on class rules, and how we should treat each other.

We will learn about how we are all different and how to accept those differences