Welcome to Class Two!

Our Topic this term is...

The Stone Age

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Welcome back to Class 2.

We hope you all had a fantastic summer break and are as excited as we are to get started on our new topic! 

This term we will be learning about the savage Stone Age! Children will learn about key dates and events, look at important developments and how Stone Age people changed from hunter gatherers to farmers. This will be done by developing keys skills, such as using secondary sources to identify changes.


In literacy, the children will have the opportunity to write for a variety of different purposes, including producing fact sheets and writing stories, linked to our topic. We will begin the term by looking at 'The Stone Age Boy'. The children will look at the descriptive language the author has used, along with other narrative skills, to create their own Stone Age Story.  

As always, we will continue to work on our punctuation, grammar and spellings with new skills being introduced or refined during lessons in order to enable all children to become confident writers. We will continue to practice spellings and reading daily in class. We will also focus on reading comprehension this half term.

We encourage your support to make sure your child reads at home at least 3 times in a week and completes any homework/spelling practice set.



In numeracy we will be following the new curriculum for Yr 3/4. This term we will become confident at place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing large numbers using  both mental and written methods and be able to apply these skills to real-life word problems. Work on shape will enable us to  compare, classify and name 2d and 3d shapes and identify lines of symmetry. We will use objects and numbers to show and calculate, order, compare and add fractions.

Maths Homework will be given out on Thursdays in order to further practice of new Maths skills taught in lessons, at home.  Homework should be returned by the following Wednesday.  If your child requires further help or support please speak to Miss Jones.



 As our topic this term is primarily a history based topic we will learn about the earliest evidence of humans from over 2.6 million years ago. We will be exploring the different inventions of this period in history and we will be reflecting upon how hunter gatherers contributed to our modern world.



In science, we will learn about rocks, fossils and soils in our environment. We will begin the topic by investigating the rock cycle. We will examine different types of rock, consider how they have been formed and how we use them in everyday life.


Art/Design and Technology

In Art and DT this term, we are learning about how hunter gathers created their unique pieces of art. With these skills, we are going to be making and collecting our own painting resources, in order to create cave paintings.



There is an exciting change to music this year as the children will learn to play the ukulele! The children will able to develop skills and understanding of music to help play and compose our own pieces.  



In ICT we will be learning coding and write algorithms to create sequences to make commands and use variables to create simple games.

We will also continue to practice our keyboard skills throughout the curriculum to record, present and enhance our work with pictures, creative texts and layouts.



We will learn about rules and the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance .  We will continue our focus on British values and will continue our work on Global learning.



This term the children will be developing their skills and techniques whilst learning invasion games of tag rugby and basketball. The children will learn to work as a team, to move and pass with confidence as well as learn how to handle equipment safely. Class 2 children will also be taking part in weekly swimming lessons this term at the Leisure Centre. 



The children will extend their french vocabulary this term to include animal names and descriptions. The children will also learn about different foods and drinks, creating role play scenarios.


R. E.

We will find out about the meaning of belonging, exploring who we are as individuals, being part of diverse communities, our global community and sharing and helping others. 


 Keep checking our page as we upload our photos of this term!