Welcome to the Activities Page

On this page you'll see the wide variety of things that we get up to as a school both inside and outside the school building. You'll be able to see our children at work in their classrooms and outside too.

 We seek to give our children a wide range of life experiences so that they can grow and understand the world around them. Trips out into the local area give the children the opportunity to explore as part of a group and brings the class into corporate learning experiences that can be developed later on in the classroom.

We also make much use of guest speakers and teachers. It's great to tap into the specialisms of others and to bring real quality learning to our school.

Our School Activities

Guided Reading Sessions

Maths Work in Class 3

Solving problems involving symmetry.



Writing in Class 1



The Big Draw at Scarborough Art Gallery

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Robin wood 2012

We had a great time on our Robin Wood residential visit. You can see the photos by clicking on the picture.


Mrs Simpkin and Classes Two and Three have been working together on another exciting Enterprise project. This time the groups were given a sum of money and had to create gifts to dell at Christmas. All the groups made a handsome profit!

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Class 1 Activate

Keeping fit and healthy is a part of school life. In class 1 we often do Activate at the start of the school day. It helps us focus well and get ready to learn for the rest of the day.




You can see our pupils learning to play a variety of musical instruments together. We all learn at the same time and its great fun. We're getting better and better all the time.