Welcome to Class Two!

Our Topic this term is 'The Stone Age'


As we welcome everyone in Class Two  into the Autumn Term, we begin a busy and exciting start to this school year! 

As our topic this term is The Stone Age, we begin by creating timelines and Cave Art. 


In Literacy,  we will  begin with another wonderful story by our class author Roald Dahl. We will read 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and use information in the text to write character descriptions, create role play and write our own story ending.

Reading and spellings are practiced daily in class and these should also be practiced regularly at home.  Punctuation and grammar skills will be introduced or refined during lessons in order to enable all children to become confident writers.

We will write poems to perform for our Harvest Festival which use similes, rhyme and repetition.

Our writing in Literacy this term wouldn't be complete without learning more of the animals that lived in The Stone Age.  As we research food, habitat, life cycle and young, we will then organise information ready for a report to be presented in the form of an information text. 

In Numeracy we will continue to follow the new curriculum for Y3/4. This term we will become confident at place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing large numbers using  both mental and written methods and be able to apply these skills to real-life word problems. Work on shape will enable us to  compare, classify and name 2d and 3d shapes and identify lines of symmetry.  We will use objects and numbers to show and calculate, order, compare and add fractions.

Homework will be given out on Mondays in order to further practice new maths skills taught in lessons, at home.  Homework should be returned by Thursday.  If your child requires further help or support please let me know.


 In Geography we will use maps to explore how countries have changed in shape and size since prehistory and the effect that this had on migration of species.

In History we will find out about The Stone Age  and how archaeologists discover prehistory .  We will learn about the first people in Britain, what life was like during the Glacial periods, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic periods and what changes were  seen after the Stone Age as the Bronze Age began.


In Science we will be finding out about rocks and soils.  We will begin by looking at the structure of the earth before investigating the formation of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks.  We will sort and group rocks according to their properties such as hardness and permeability.  To link to our topic we will then study fossil formation.

After half term we will identify bones of the skeleton, joints and muscles in animals and find out about the different teeth and their functions.


In PSHCE we will learn about rules and the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance .  We will continue our focus on British values and will continue our work on Global learning.


In Art and Design Technology we will study the cave art discovered at Lascaux .  We will then make our own sketches to paint with our own paint - mixed from berries stones and soils from the environment.  Messy but great fun!  Our cave artwork will then be signed with hand prints.  Come and take a look at our work!

We will also create skeleton art of prehistoric animals and fossils


In Computing we learn coding and write algorithms to create sequences to make commands and use variables to create simple games.

We will also continue to practice our keyboard skills throughout the curriculum to record, present and enhance our work with pictures, creative texts and layouts.


In Music guitar lessons will continue!  Year 4 children will learn to read  and play new notes, while Year 3 children will be introduced to new skills which will enable them to play simple chords.  We will also focus on our singing and begin to write our own songs.


In PE this term, unihoc skills will be introduced and pupils will begin swimming lessons.  A great opportunity to learn or develop further a key life skill! 

In French Y3 children  will begin counting to 10 and learn to speak simple greetings and phrases to introduce themselves and their family members.  Y4 children will explore France, continue to develop their counting, reading and writing skills up to 30.  They will extend their french vocabulary this term to include animal names and descriptions.  Can you describe a woolly mammoth in french? 

In R. E. we will find out about Faith Founders. We will explore who were the faith founders and what did they teach.

Our term will include a Harvest church service, followed by Coffee and cakes at the Village Hall. 


Keep checking our page as we upload our photos of this term's work!


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