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This term our topic is:



Our topic this term is Superheroes!

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In literacy we will be continuing to cover the objectives within the National Curriculum. We will begin by exploring and finding out about superheroes and gather lots of new information, ready to write our own superhero story! Following this we will discuss the differences of fiction and non-fiction books, focusing on the features of non-fiction books. 

Throughout our lessons we will focus closely on the key Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) aspects by learning the rules associated and then using these within our own writing correctly.


Spellings continue to be of great importance. Your child will receive a new set of spellings each week which will be practised every day at school. We really appreciate you practising spellings with your child at home as well.


Guided Reading sessions will take place once a week and on all other days your child will read individually to an adult. Please continue to read with your child at home on a daily basis; it really does make a huge difference!



Daily phonics sessions will continue to take place to support your child in both reading and writing and we will also have regular handwriting sessions to focus on letter formation and size and develop our joined up handwriting style.



In numeracy we will continue to follow the new curriculum for Years 1 and 2. This term we will focus on number and place value, addition and subtraction, money and measure. We will continually be reinforcing number facts with the children as well as problem solving. 



We will begin by looking closely at our senses and investigating them. As we are looking at different types of people, we will identify the different bones of the body and research names/types of joints and why we have them. We will explore the importance of eating the right amounts of different foods for humans. 



We will be exploring real life superheros of the past! Children will share what they already know and would like to find out about Florence Nightingale. They will then use their own means to find out more interesting facts. 



In ICT we will be developing our typing skills and importing pictures from the internet or using Wordle to present our rules. We will discuss how we can stay safe when using the internet and equipping the children with the knowledge of what to do when they do need help.



In art and design we will be creating observational drawings and paintings of plants, using shading and toning.

We will look closely at Georgio O'Keeffe art work 'Flower Heads' and interupt our own version of the piece. 



We will begin the lessons discussing why it is important to warm up. We will be using lots of different group games so that we can begin to follow instructions carefully. In PE this term we will be working on ball skills. 



We will use music to learn new songs and rhymes, ready to perform at Harvest Festival. We will use different instruments, experimenting the different sounds and learning about the different 'instrument families'.



At the start of the new school year, we will share all about ourselves and what we are good at. We will discuss how we can be a good friend and what this means. We will share how we stay safe and this term we will hold a "Beep Beep Day!" where the children will be taught all about road safety. 



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