Welcome to Class One!

This term our topic is:



Our topic this term is "Polar Regions'. We will be exploring the North and South Pole, people who have visited and about the animals that live there. 


In Literacy we will be continuing to cover the objectives within the National Curriculum. We will begin by exploring poems related to the weather. We will build an understanding of the weather conditions we may face if we were to visit a polar region which will lead us onto writing a postcard from a 'visit' to the North Pole. We will also look at fiction stories based on this terms topic, looking closely at setting descriptions, character profiles and conversations. The first book we will be exploring is 'The Whale Song' by Dyan Sheldon.

Throughout our lessons we will focus closely on the key Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) aspects by learning the rules associated and then using these within our own writing correctly.


Spellings continue to be of great importance. Your child will receive a new set of spellings each week which will be practised every day at school. We really appreciate you practising spellings with your child at home as well.


Daily phonics sessions will continue to take place to support your child in both reading and writing and we will also have regular handwriting sessions to focus on letter formation and size and develop our joined up handwriting style.


Guided Reading sessions will take place once a week and on all other days your child will read individually to an adult. Please continue to read with your child at home on a daily basis; it really does make a huge difference!


In Numeracy we will continue to follow the new curriculum for Years 1 and 2. This term we will focus on addition and subtraction, money, weight, positional language, days of the week and months of the year. We will continually be reinforcing number facts with the children as well as problem solving. 


Our Science unit will relate closely to our topic. We will begin by looking at properties of materials which may would keep us warm in the polar regions. This will lead us onto animal habitats and how they adapt to the polar climates. Through a range of different experiments, we will gather and record data to help in answering questions focusing on how materials change, investigating with ice and water. 


In Geography, we will look and physical and man-made features.  We will compare the environment between where we live and Antarctica, looking closely at the weather, landscapes and animals. This will link to our science lessons. 


Our History lessons we will look at significant polar explorers such as William Barents and Captain James Cook. 


I.C.T- We will continue to use I.C.T throughout the curriculum to as a means to research, record and present our work.


Art/D.T this term will focus on observational drawings and paintings of polar animals. We will look at creating a chalk picture followed by making milk bottle igloos. 


In PE this term we will focus on dance and gymnastics. We will concentrate on being able to follow simple instructions and work together to accomplish activities. We will continue to learn about the effects of exercise on our bodies and learn the importance of a healthy diet.   



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