COVID-19 Catch up Premium


Boynton Primary School entitlement: £5200

How do we intend to spend the grant?


Amount we propose to spend

Proposed Impact

Impact Notes/Review

HLTA led booster Sessions for KS2 (in particular, this will focus on Y6 although all of KS2 will receive this focus) (11 weeks, 12 hours a week)


Our current Y6 has a high SEND % and the booster sessions will ensure that the class are able to catch up to pre-covid predicted EXS expectations by Summer, 2021.


TA led booster sessions for KS1 – small group sessions linked to core subjects/phonics (11 weeks, 3 hours a week)


The TA led sessions will re-visit identified gaps in phonics and reading knowledge primarily, although a detailed analysis of gaps in learning will target any additional learning needs. Sessions will help to ensure that Y2 are working at age-related expectations where possible by the end of 2020/21.


Resources to support online learning (Espresso, Reading Eggs and Mathletics, Online reading scheme to match our physical scheme)


We recognise that learning will be disrupted by COVID as it has been over the 2020 year. In order to raise parental engagement and provide engaging resources during lockdowns or bubble closures/isolation, we have ensured we have quality resources that the children can use to engage with predominantly core learning.


Physical resources to support learning e.g. CGP books, Class sets of reading books to support during bubble closures


We also recognise that the children require access to a range of resources that support learning in the classroom and during isolation. We will provide resources targeted specifically to support age-related expectations.


Staffing support to replace staff that have to shield or e.g. support a family member who is isolating.


We have learnt quickly that there is no provision to replace members of staff when they have to e.g. shield or care for a family member during bubble closures etc. This strategy means we can keep the adult ratio as high as possible, continuously throughout any potential disruption. Intervention and support can continue to take place and therefore maintain momentum.