Our Results

The results from the summer assessments are good.

Early Years Foundation Stage


Early Years Foundation Stage data is good.  Main indicator of achievement is the 'Good Level of Development' (GLD).  At Boynton, the GLD has consistently been above the national average and has increased for the last 3 years. 

*N=National Average

2015 2016 2017
GLD 73% (N66) 27% (N69) 87.5% (N70.7)
ATPS (Average Total Point Score) 36 (N34.3) 38 (N34.5) 39.9 (N34.5)

Year 1


The Phonic Screening score was 77.8%, a 17.8% increase on the previous year. This is likely to be in-line with national average.

Year 2 Phonics was 66.7% (The national average has not been published yet).

At the end of key stage 2, children took the new National Assessments.  Expectations are very high.


Key Stage 1 (2017  N= Proposed National Average - not yet validated)

Reading Writing Maths GPaS RWM
Expected 80 (N71.5) 70 (N76.3) 60 (N75.0) 70 (N76.9) 60 (N61.1)
Greater Depth 60 (N25.0) 0 (N18.0) 30 (N23.0) 40 (N30.8) 0 (N8.6)
Progress +3.44 -2.54 +0.35

Average Scaled Scores:  Reading: 107.5 (National =104.1), GPS: 106.2 (N=106), Maths: 104.5 (N=104.2)


Progress in Reading, Writing and Maths

The previous scores show attainment percentages for the whole cohort.  Progress scores are based on how far the children have progressed across the key stage.  The national average is based on a zero score so if there is a positive score then the children have made more progress than the national average. 

A negative score does not mean that the children made no progress, or the school has failed, rather it means pupils in the school made less progress than other pupils across England with similar results at the end of Key Stage 1. 

The majority of schools have progress scores between -5 and +5. 


Average Scores

When children take the key stage test, there is an expected scaled score of 100.  If they score 100 or higher, they will achieve the expected standard for their key stage.  If they achieve a score of above 110, they will achieve the greater depth/higher standard.